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In Between Battles Sharpen Your Sword

The ancient samurai warriors of Japan believed that if war had to happen the least amount of harm possible should be done. On the battlefield it’s too late to sharpen one’s sword. For the samurai, this meant not only their blade, but their mind, reflexes, and emotional control as well. Having a sharp sword was kind to the enemy, to themselves, and to the people they were protecting.

In creating the life of our dreams we don’t actually lose our heads if we lose our heads, but we can get the axe, get shot down, or find ourselves on the chopping block. Practicing relaxed awareness every single day can help us keep our wits together when its time to walk onto the battlefield.

In between battles sharpen your sword.

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You Are Richer than Your Bank Account

No amount of money in the world could compare with your value as a human being. You are more resourceful, capable, and courageous than you realize. We often measure ourselves by external standards. Guess what? You are off the hook. You no longer need to prove your worth to yourself, others, or the world by demonstrating their version of success. You ARE richness.

I’m not saying you should forgo all material achievements and run around flipping the world off because you don’t want to be held down by “the man”. I’m saying that, with enough self-love you could have or not have, do or not do, be or not be and your happiness wouldn’t be tied to all that stuff. Then there’s the possibility that all of your assets could work for you, instead of you working for them. Tired of being enslaved to the endless pursuit of external validation? Well now is the time to declare your freedom.

You are richer than your bank account.

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The Key to Living a High Amplitude Life

Living a high-amplitude life means having a bigger impact on the world around you. We all have values we want to share. Understanding how to live a high-amplitude life allows your expression to have greater reach during your lifetime. You can become more successful in your career, benefit more people with your message, and share your unique gifts more deeply. The world needs to hear what you have to say, baby. Let’s turn up the volume on that sucker and see what it can do!

In sound wave terminology, amplitude has to do with the volume, or loudness, of the wave. The louder the sound, the greater the difference between the peaks and valleys in the wave. What is actually happening when we hear a sound wave, in terms of basic physics, is that the air molecules between the sound source and our ears are undergoing alternating instances of compression and rarefaction (expansion). The higher the amplitude of the wave, the greater the difference between the areas of compression and rarefaction.

We tend to like the expansive parts of our lives more than we like the part where we are under pressure. However, both compression and expansion are necessary for sustaining a wave. Without both experiences the wave would have no momentum.

When we live a high-amplitude life, our challenges tend to be greater but our victories are greater too. When we are In Tune, we can liberate our emotional state from outer circumstances. This means we can remain happy and relaxed aside from whether we are in a pleasant, expansive experience or an uncomfortable, compressed experience. Being In Tune helps us keep our mind focused on our destiny so we can continue to wire our neurological patterns for creative success. This is especially important when the bad habits of the past want to pull us back and keep us stuck in the same life-level.

The ability to stay relaxed and detached when we are in a compression phase allows us to notice the limiting pre-tenses that we are diverting our precious energy to and do a course correction. Similarly, if we can stay relaxed when the expansive-feeling victories come we won’t get knocked for a loop when the next phase of compression hits. Today’s victory is tomorrow’s limitation. A higher level of relaxation translates into the ability to handle increasing challenge, risk, and energy outputs with grace and ease.

When we stay in fear and attachment, we are reinforcing the neural pathways associated with limiting beliefs from the past. The next time you find yourself ratcheting up the tension, take a moment to feel into your body and see where exactly you are tensing. Is it in the base of your body? Your belly? Your forehead? Your throat? Try toning the seven vowels used in the Tuning process, UH, OOH, OH, AH, I, A, and E, to see if you can feel which area of the body you are holding the fear in. The greater your awareness of your physical body when the habitual fear-based patterns come up, the greater your ability to stay profoundly present.

By identifying where the tension is and deliberately releasing that tension, you can preserve your precious life-energy for directing towards your creative projects. When the limiting beliefs come up and tell you why you suck or how miserably you will fail so you shouldn’t even bother to try, that’s the most important time to sit still, take a deep breath, and Tune that useless crap out. Don’t believe the hype, baby. Keeping your cool under pressure is the key to living a high-amplitude life!

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SoundBites: Tiny Snacks for Your Brain

The Germanic origin of the word “true” is “in the center” or “on target”. Like an arrow flies true, when we speak the truth it is coming from a place in our hearts that is smack in the clear, resonant center. The deepest truths of life apply the same to all people, so if we feel like we have to “speak our truth”, we’re off the mark.

The truth doesn’t belong to one person, it belongs to the deepest longing and loftiest ideals of humanity. If you have the courage to speak it, you can touch that same genuine core inside the hearts of your listeners. There’s only one real song to sing, and that’s love. But there’s lots of ways to sing it. Your particular rendition of that immutable truth will be unique, for sure. Let your voice flutter like a phoenix inside of your breast until it rises in full-blazing magnitude, a glorious doorway for the ancient song that moves us all.

Speak THE truth, not YOUR truth.

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How Will You Sing the Song of Your Life?

Every New Years for the past several years has found me sitting with a group of dedicated meditation practitioners in New Mexico, chanting a Sanskrit prayer for promoting the true benefit of all. We start at midnight on the 30th and chant until midnight on the 31st, then pass out on the carpet until Paul makes breakfast (is it morning already!?!) at 8 am on New Years day.

I just received a text from a friend of mine who, at the very end of the New Years chant, midnight on the 31st, brought the heart and liver of an elk cow he had successfully hunted the day before. He had also been up all night. As we sang prayers of love to the heavens he was in the forest, up to his elbows in blood, carrying on his back an animal whose life he had just taken.

He gave the heart and liver, considered the most sacred parts of the animal, to the people he loved, saying to them with that gift, “I support your life. I want it to continue. I want to nourish you so the good work you are doing in this world may go on.”

For me, experience is always a weighing of life and death. What must die so that other things may live? What must be given up so that other things may flourish? I ate two servings of that heart and liver. It was such a gift, after the long and intense time I had just spent in the crucible of transformation. Every bite reminded me. Life is fragile. Life is precious. Life is now.

Is the prayer of the man grunting with exertion and cussing as the blood of a creature he has killed streams down his back any less sacred than the prayer of the one who sits on his cushion chanting a mantra? I don’t think so. Reach for the light in your own way, Beloved. In your own innocent and hungry way. However you choose to sing the song of your life to the divine, I dedicate my 2016 to supporting your expression.

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Storms Make the Tree Grow Stronger

Wind shakes a tree as it grows. The taller the tree gets, the more it is subject to the weather. Being shaken by the wind stimulates the root system of the tree to grow deep. In greenhouses, they have a machine that shakes the young tree. If they didn’t, the root systems on the trees would grow shallow and weak, and, when transplanted outside, they would quickly succumb to the forces of nature.

All you need to do is root down. The more connected you are to current reality, the present moment, and the living immediacy of your soft, furry body, the more strength you will have to reach for the sky. If you can be connected, wherever you are, whenever you are, to the earth that supports you, the storms that you encounter will only make you more of a badass. Find out what you stand for, baby, and put your foot down.

Storms make the tree grow stronger.

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A Winter Poem from Gina Williams

The Bottomless Twisting Point

Like a seed

She sleeps


In the virgin snow

Frozen into perfect listening

She feels the ancient rhythm

In every fluid breath

Trusting death

24 hours of night

On the north pole this day

While ribbons of neon turquoise light

Rip across the cosmic abyss

The Fulcrum

The Axis

The Bottomless Twisting Point

Like a hammer ball

She swings

Winter Solstice, 2015

Happy return of the light, Beloved! May you gather your strength during this time of cold and hush. May the next evolution of your creative expression spiral open to even greater levels of exquisite beauty. May 2016 bring you fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams.



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We’re Tougher When We Run in Packs

I went to the dog park with my three little dogs one autumn day. On my way out, a man came in with a medium size dog and my pack of tiny terrors immediately surrounded it. Frightened, the bigger dog ran away yelping. I laughed with the man and told him that tiny dogs are like piranhas. In large numbers, they can be very dangerous. “I guess they’re tougher when they run in packs,” he joked.

Our fears and insecurities are like the neighborhood bully. If you think you have to go it alone he and his gang of meatheads are going to single you out and kick your ass. No creation can be fully realized with one person alone. Open your heart, learn to play well with others, and reach out for loving support. Together, we’ll be the baddest thing on the playground.

We’re tougher when we run in packs.

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The Power is at the Back of the Wave

My daddy was a surfer (yes, that is him in the picture!) so naturally I felt like he was qualified to give me business advice. During a recent visit I was wondering how to get out of a slump. A whole bunch of stuff I thought I had outgrown needing to do was nagging at my heels and I felt like I was taking a business back-slide. I was watching a surfing video with my dad and asked him to tell me how to stay afloat when the waves were getting gnarly.

“The power is at the back of the wave,” he said. “The front of the wave is where all the fun is but in order to get the momentum to keep riding, you gotta cut to the back now and then.” Moral of the story? Backsliding is an illusion. You’re always going forward, even if you have to retreat from your edge from time to time. Hang ten, dude.

The power is at the back of the wave.

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You Don’t Have to Know How

When you are creating something new, all you need to know is what you want. You don’t have to know how you are going to get it, when it is going to happen, or exactly what it will look like when it shows up. Trying to control the “how” is like making love while telling the other person what to do, when to do it, and how much. It takes all the fun out of the situation and doesn’t leave any room for surprises!

When you are dancing with the divine, be willing to receive. Be willing to be tickled, titillated, and touched by the miraculous nature of your experience. Obsessing over the “how” limits the infinite variety of ways your destiny could find its way into step with your groovy rhythm and binds you in energetically draining delusions of failure. If what you wanted to create was already familiar and comfortable, it wouldn’t be anything new! Ask, do the work, and surrender to the unknown. Miracles are waiting for you, baby.

You Don’t Have to Know How.

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