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Acoustamata is not defined by tradition, but by the spirit it embodies.

Our company takes its name from the Greek word for the entry-level disciples to the school of Pythagoras, a privilege granted only to a select few. The Acoustamata were not allowed to speak, write, or ask questions. Their sole job was to listen. To be a Sound-Lover.

Imagine​ ​...

You're in ancient Greece. You've just completed a 2-year liberal arts education and been hand-selected as the cream of the crop. As an Acoustamata a senior student, called a Mathemata, is assigned to you as a mentor. On day one as an Acoustamata, your assigned Mathemata comes to you and says, "Two years of silence." If you protest, your Mathemata says, "FIVE years of silence." If you protest again, you're out. Its not like today where every kid gets a blue ribbon just for participating. Becoming a disciple of Pythagoras required will, intelligence, and discipline. This recipe for excellence hasn't changed since.

Well known for his work in mathematics, Pythagoras is less known for his philosophical work in music, medicine, and astronomy.

The Pythagoreans believed that the body/mind was like a harp and, when In Tune, would express beauty, power, and vitality. When Out of Tune it would express illness and stupidity. Patrons would approach the Pythagoreans with a variety of different complaints and the Pythagoreans used to music to bring them back to a state of integrated wholeness. So do we.

Although we at Acoustamata do not promote 5-year periods of enforced silence, the time-tested principles of Pythagoras and his disciples are as sound now as they were over 2600 years ago. The creative process thrives on challenge. It withers on convenience. Does the pursuit of excellence inspire you the same way it inspires us? Good.

Welcome home.

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