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Money Where Your Mouth Is

Communication is the key to creating community. Acoustamata will help you Tune Up your entire organization- from the bottom line to the top dog. Not sure you're ready for a long-term relationship? We also deliver dynamic keynote presentations, workshops, and seminars designed to infuse your organization with a deep shot of creative genius. Now that should jazz things up!

As a Speaker

Gina is a trail blazer and a storyteller who isn't afraid to dig past the surface and into the heart of the human experience. Gina is gifted for moving her audiences while giving them practical methods for change. An entertainer at heart, Gina's presentations are both inspiring and informative.

As a Clinician

Acoustamata seminars, ranging from short 1-4 hour presentations to 1-3 day trainings, are available in which Gina shares the exclusive Acoustamata methods. These easy, approachable tools can help your entire team perform gracefully under pressure, communicate skillfully, and voluntarily access the part of the brain responsible for creativity and innovation.

As a Consultant

Gina can quickly assess the needs of your business and create a program designed specifically for you. With her knowledge of how sound waves move, not only through the human body but in the surrounding environment, she can help the communication, money, and ideas in your business flow effortlessly.

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