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Rachelle Reichley

Co-founder YAY! LiFE!®

When I started working with Gina I was feeling under actualized. Running my company had become just a job and I wasn’t focusing on the things that were in alignment with my true purpose. I experienced a transformative breakthrough in working with Gina and now feel much more in tune with what is important to me. We have now reorganized our business into a structure that is much more true to our vision.

Keith "Beattle" Price

Founder and Owner of B-LoVe Music and Entertainment

When I first came into contact with Gina I was just looking for help with my voice. The Acoustamata sessions were much more than I thought. It opened up a lot of possibilities in my life and I've seen a lot of growth. Many of the things I used to dream about are actually taking place now. It helped me to express my values and get more focused on my desires. It also made me feel more confident like whatever the challenge was I could do it. Like I was really ready for what's ahead. There's a lot of things you think you already know but with Acoustamata you really rediscover yourself and your abilities. My business is expanding, my music is expanding- Gina has played a major role in my success.

Cynthia Husek

Associate Vice Chancellor for Performance Improvement - University of Colorado Boulder

Gina’s authentic style allows her to connect quickly to her audience. She brings realistic, practical ideas combined with inspirational, bold thinking about one’s potential and why that matters. Captivated by Gina’s message and her approach, I sought her out for personal coaching. She took me on an unexpected journey of self-discovery that profoundly shifted my ability to recognize opportunities and embrace risk. Working with Gina gave me the courage and the tools to take charge of the challenges facing me.

Carolyn Wolvin

Sales Executive of Horizon Mechanical Services

Gina is a fantastic speaker with has an important message, and an incredible coach as well. She taught me how to listen better which increased my sales closing rate in a single week. My confidence is soaring. If you were tempted to reach out to Gina to inquire about private and/or group lessons, I can't recommend her enough. This high regard comes from me, a trained sales professional with over 30+ years’ experience. The difference even one session with her made for me is astonishing.

Ellen Sevigny

Co-Founder and CEO of Yoga in Your Park and Singer/Songwriter

Gina's work is profound and has totally changed my life. I could not get my voice out and was terrified, but still on fire with determination. I saw a poster with Gina's face on it that said "Free Your Voice" and I decided that I would never do something like that, never see a coach. I came across her ad again and contacted her. She called me that day. There was something buried so deep inside of me that I just couldn't get out myself and I needed help. Her tools are really elegant. I used them and I still use them every day. I get to be more of who I really am because of Gina.

Brian Patrick Leatherman

Conductor and Artistic Director, Cherry Creek Chorale

Gina's workshop enriched our retreat immeasurably! The effortlessness with which the Chorale sang the strenuous sections of Carmina Burana afterwards was vivid testimony to the power of her approach. The impression she left on the group as a whole was nothing short of amazing. Gina's unique gifts are something that all of us who communicate with our voices, whether speaking or singing, should take full advantage of. Her work is truly revolutionary.

Amity Cooper

Co-founder and Creative Director of Sushumna Chocolat

Gina's work is transformative, shape-shifting and uplifting. She has the ability to hone in on a concept and open it up to new levels of consciousness. This work is for anyone who wants to dig deep and re-discover their inner voice of power, strength and clarity.

Jeffrey A Zacharski

Owner and Producer Local Play Studios - Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

Gina's work changed the way I use my voice. She helped me close chapters of my life and open new ones, giving me the courage to really go for my dreams. It was a liberating and satisfying experience. Her powerful combination of tools allowed her to learn who I was and what I needed while I searched for my sound. Gina's attentive guidance helped me sell my first song to ABC. I am a better performer and person for knowing her.

Olivia Rudeen

Signed Artist- Sound Factory, Nashville, TN. Two time winner of The Durango Songwriter Expo's "Write with a Hit-maker Contest" : Country Category

Working with Gina over the past year has opened up a whole new world for me. I feel more calm and confident, especially in professional situations, than I did before we began working together. Gina has an amazing ability to quiet the noise of everyday life and to provide the tools for growth and exploration. She is completely in tune with the needs of her clients. The knowledge I've gained from her has empowered me to achieve my most cherished goals.

Rob Rand

Member Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE) and ASCAP- An expert consultant in acoustics, and author of the world-around acclaimed Wavepool, the Deep Relaxation Soundtrack

As a professional acoustical consultant my work with industries, companies and individuals spans the spectrum. Gina's work is absolutely revolutionary. It is valuable to anyone that communicates; artists, public speakers, companies, corporations, and any organization relying on teamwork. Her life changing techniques have helped me on a personal as well as a professional level.

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